Bitdefender vs Avast – users’ opinion

The question of choosing the most appropriate antivirus application has a high actual value today. Most of the threats for the devices come from internet, which forces users to install cybersecurity solutions. The purpose of anti-malicious software is to identify potentially harmful files and prevent them from launching on the device. Thus, it protects devices from external interference and makes the experience much more pleasant. Bitdefender vs Avast are both popular among users solution and the article will help you to make the right choice.

The benefits of Avast cybersecurity solution

Avast has been on the market for quite some time now, which makes it a proven choice among the users. It is most famous for the whole ecosystem for additional feature and extensions that can work together to provide almost ultimate protection for a device.

Benefits of the application:

  • Relatively low price of 48$ per year for the cheapest version of the license;
  • Good performance of the scanning features that work together with Avast Virus Chest to protect the device from any external threats;
  • High-quality customer support service that leads to the high level of customer satisfaction.

Best qualities of Bitdefender application

Bitdefender has been introduced to the market not so long ago, but has already gained a lot of positive feedback from customers. Moreover, most of the experts recommend it in the top 3 best cybersecurity solutions for a modern user.

  • Benefits of the application:
  • Affordable price of 60$ per year for the advanced version of the program with all the additional features, that makes it very competitive on the market;
  • Useful additional features like the ability to connect up to three devices and in-built VPN extension. It also provide an anti-fraud feature that is highly innovative;
  • Outstanding performance in protection from the malware and performance scores. Independent tests place the application in the list of the best ones in terms of its functionality.

Comparison of two cybersecurity solutions

Even though Avast is more popular among the users due to its longer history, Bitdefender has a clear edge over it in side-by-side comparison. You can get more convenient features with better performance (which is one of the weakest sides of the Avast antivirus) for a much more competitive price. Avast is not a bad option, but it is difficult to compare it to Bitdefender, which is much more reliable and affordable.


Choosing a cybersecurity solution can be a confusing process, especially considering the variety of options on the modern market of applications. Both Bitdefender and Avast applications are viable options but the solution form the first one has significantly higher value for money in side-by-side comparison. The article can serve as a great source of information for the customers that are still on the fence with their choice.